About me

I was born and raised in Mexico City. I studied Applied Mathematics at Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México ITAM.

I worked in the Emergency Attention Centre from Mexico City (C5) where I was the Director of Strategic Analysis. My work consisted basically of crime forecasting and police and resources allocation.

I am a Conacyt Scholar (which means I am being sponsored to study by the Mexican Government) and thanks to them I studied an MSc in Statistics and I am currently doing a PhD at University College London UCL in Maths and Security and Crime.

I am very interested in Science and Maths communication. When I was an undergraduate student, I directed ‘Laberintos e Infinitos‘, a Maths magazine. When I started my PhD at UCL, I started Chalkdust, a Maths magazine. In total, I have published 11 editions of a math magazine, with nearly 30,000 printed copies and 400 articles written by nearly 200 authors.

I currently work for the OECD, where I am doing a spatial and demographic analysis of West African cities.

I regularly write about social issues in Mexico in Punto Decimal, a project that I started with some of my colleagues (in Spanish).

I write on my blog, usually in Spanish, here.

This is the music that I like


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