Here is a list of my articles.

Gravity and scaling laws of city to city migration

Written with Luca Pappalardo, Lorenzo Gabrielli and Steven Bishop. Plos One, 2018.

Fear of crime: the impact of different distributions of victimisation
Written with Steven Bishop. Palgrave Communications, 2018

Early career researchers want Open Science
Written with Andrea Farnham and others. Genome Biology, 2017

Modelling the fear of crime
Written with Steven Bishop. Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 2017

Measuring the distribution of crime and its concentration
Written with Sofía Collignon Delmar and Steven Bishop. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 2017

Cities and Spatial Interactions in West Africa
Written with Philipp Heinrigs and Inhoi Heo. OECD Publishing, Vol5, Spring 2017

A metric of the difference between perception of security and victimisation rates
Written with Steven Bishop. Crime Science, Vol 5 (1), Autumn 2016

A measure of the concentration of rare events
Written with Steven Bishop. Scientific Reports, 6, Summer 2016

Many emergencias and even more emergency calls (Spanish)
Written with Irving Simonin. Miscelánea Matemática, 59, Spring 2016

Why does crime always occur in the same spots? (Spanish)
NEXOS, May 2015

Crime analysis and CCTVs in Mexico City (Spanish)

Written with Irving Simonin, Miguel Escalante & Santiago Íñiguez. Chapter in the book “Buenas Prácticas para el Análisis Delictual en América Latina, 2013” published by  Fundación Paz Ciudadana, Chile, Summer 2013

Sine and cosine of a matrix (Spanish)
Miscelánea Matemática, 51, Autumn 2010


Modelling crime in Mexico City using spatial statistics
Thesis – MSc in Statistics – UCL, Summer 2014

Generalised Calculus and fractional functions (Spanish)
Thesis – BSc in Mathematics – ITAM, Summer 2009

And I also directed the following project:
Measuring efficiency and heuristics for optimization: a mathematical approach for policing resources allocation (Spanish)
Thesis – BSc in Mathematics by Carlos Castro Correa – ITAM, Summer 2013